iPad Docking Station

The iPad docking station is such a good idea because it allows iPad users to stand up the iPad in front of an iPad Keyboard and have it as a proper iPad computer workstation. You will have the joy of using a full keyboard and the Apple keyboard is such a joy to use also. You get the ability to set up in places where you would not have been able to do so before without the iPad station or iPad dock station..

iPad Docking station

Although it is great to be able to take one of these keyboard docking stations away with you, the real benefit comes when you are in the home or your workplace and you want to have the ability to type something longer than you would otherwise. You will get better accuracy and productivity with using the iPad docking station.

Bluetooth iPad docking station

Another possibility for making use of a portable keyboard is to use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. possibly a more tidy option, although you would have to find some way to stand up the iPad. Most people will still be using the iPad without a docking station, they will have the device sitting on the lap. Not totally comfortable but workable, a good decision would be to buy a dock station iPad or an i Dock..

The iPad is going to go from strength to strength because of its capabilities and the iPad docking station is just one of the tools in the arsenal. I have the iPhone for when I am out and about also and I always thought it would be a great addition to have a keyboard that would work with the iPhone or even the iPod Touch too.

There are the standard iPad docking stations and also the iPad docking station with keyboard, but you do have to look to see that you are getting the iPad 2 dock station if it is that model of iPad you have.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock - Apple Store (U.S.).png