iPad office Apps – Keynote for iPad

Although there are many things that you can do with your iPad, from games to watching video or reading books to looking at the stars, one of the areas of endeavour with the iPad that especially new users look for, is in the realm of iPad office apps. When you have been bought one of these newfangled iPads to use for work, then for most people the most logical first thought, will be which is the best iPad office app to get.

iPad office Apps

Honestly though, you shouldn’t need to think about it for too long because Apple do provide a great suite of office applications for the iPad. For my money the best iPad office app is a combination of Keynote for presentations, Pages for your word processing and Numbers for your spreadsheet work. Let’s have a look in a little bit more detail about what these applications can do for, you starting with Keynote iPad.

Presenting with Keynote For iPad

If you are using Keynote for the Mac, then you will find that most of the features in the desktop or laptop application will be in the iPad version. There are one or two things that have been left out to suit the smaller, maybe less powerful iPad way of working. When you are creating presentations it is always a good idea to keep it simple with fonts. This is because there are many occasions where you might want to move your presentation to a different computer, or different system, such as the Microsoft PowerPoint format. Or you plan to use the Mac Keynote presentation on your iPad and there are fewer fonts available. Keeping it simple with presentations will often ensure that you give a better presentation. Instead of the viewers being amazed by the fancy transitions and so on, they will be more impressed with your message contained within the presentation.

Keynote for iPad is an excellent place to create presentations, it is not there just to allow you to show presentations. You have plenty of choices for backgrounds within the themes that are available. Aside from the white and black basic themes you also have themes called chalkboard, modern portfolio, craft and so on. You have twelve great looking and useful keynote templates to choose from. There are super looking fonts available to use also.

iPad office AppsAlternatives to Keynote for iPad

There are other Office suites of Apps for iOS and some will have presentation software included, so that you can make Powerpoint slide shows.We will be looking at other iPad office apps in later articles. Do you have any suggestions?