IPad spec – Let's check out the iPad dimensions

iPad dimensions let’s have a look at iPad spec

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The iPad 2 dimensions, the height of it is 241.2 mm and the width of is 197.7 mm, it has a depth of 8.8 mm and weighs 601g. Now I daresay that the Americans are looking at this thinking, what on earth are millimetres? But I would counter that question, by telling you that if you are working in inches there is no such thing as 9.5 inches. This is the way that the size is for the height of the iPad on the Apple website and if you are using the old imperial units then you should be actually saying 9 and a half inches.

When you are dividing inches it is not base 10. So isn’t it about time that America caught up with the rest of the world and started using a base 10 system, the metric system, that makes so much more sense than the imperialist measurements. And the same goes for ounces and pounds. Okay so I digressed a little bit there and had a little bit of a rant, while I talked about the iPad spec, and the iPad dimensions.

The Amazing iPad

The iPad dimensions in the previous paragraph, were for the Wi-Fi only model, and there is a slight difference when you add 3G into the mix. The only difference to the iPad spec when you add the extra 3G iPad connectivity is that the weight increases to 613 g or 607 g for the Verizon model.

There is a difference between the iPad version 1 and iPad version 2, mainly it is that the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter. In terms of the amount of memory, that you can have in the iPad specs, there is no difference between the 2 versions, you have 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The iPad screen dimensions are the same for both models of the iPad.

IPad specs for the wireless and cellular

The Wi-Fi for both models is exactly the same giving you up to 801.n Wi-Fi speed. I really must change the route that I have at home, because I have one that only goes as fast as g Wi-Fi speed. Either I should buy a new router that has gigabit ethernet connections and also the N Wi-Fi, or just get a box that does 801.n Wi-Fi so that I have the two speeds available in the house.

iPad specs – system on a chip

With the iPad 2, Apple started to use the 1 GHz dual core Apple A5, high-performance low-power system on a chip. Obviously this makes it faster than the iPad version 1 and at the moment, I am starting to wonder about how fast the iPad 3 will be. I am expecting that Apple will put in an even faster perhaps even a stonking fast, chip into the Apple iPad 3.

The iPad camera specs

iPad Specs

The back camera which will do video recording of HD up to 720 P of up to 30 frames per second with audio, is also a still camera with a digital zoom of up to 5 times zoom. Generally with a camera I don’t recommend using a digital zoom, as it reduces the quality of the image. Although seeing as the iPad does not have an optical zoom, you don’t have much choice if you do need to zoom into something, to take the picture.

The front camera, is of lower quality in that it only records up to VGA, for both video and for still images. Whether you are using the front camera or the rear camera, it is quite handy that you are able to tap on screen to be able to control exposure and that works for both video and for stills.

The power and battery iPad specs

The iPad 2 has the built-in 25 W hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which gives you up to 10 hours of doing whatever it is you wish to do with your iPad. It is up to 10 hours, because some activities will use more battery power than others. The iPad comes with a charging system, connect it to the power adapter or to the USB on your computer system.

iPad specs input and output

As with all of Apple iOS devices there is the standard 30 pin dock connector port, 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, a built-in speaker and a microphone. With the 3G version you also have a micro SIM card tray.

iPad Specification and Sensitive sensors

The iPad relies a lot on movement, which is why you need to have a 3 axis gyro and also an accelerometer, this is so that the iPad knows when you are moving it in 3-D space.

Compass image

Location, location, location

In the iPad 2, as well as having Wi-Fi to determine your location there is also the digital compass. The 3G model is able to more closely determine where you are in the world, with the assisted GPS that comes from using the cellular signal.

Audio, TV and video

The iPad 2 supports a good number of audio formats from MP3 to AAC as well as the Apple lossless formats a IFF and WAV. You can configure the volume by the volume control on the side of the iPad and also by using the volume control on the screen. There is also a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through that you can use if you buy the extra Apple digital A/V adapter.

You can do video mirroring and video out when you are using the digital A/V adapter or the VGA adapter. You can even do video out through the Apple composite AV cable at 576 p and 480 p. So there is a number of different video outputs that you can use, with the plethora of extra video cables available for the iPad.

There are limits with some of the Apple iPad applications with regards the output on video to external devices, due to the way that the iPad works, and also the restrictions placed upon some media, TV and movies.

The Amazing iPad

Mind your language – iPad specs

Obviously, because the iPad is sold worldwide there has to be language support for a large number of languages. And I find it interesting seeing as I live in Catalonia that there is support for Catalan. I am impressed!

Another thing that I find impressive with Apple products is the commitment to accessibility, for the people that require help in using this sort of technology. There is support for the playback of closed captioned content and a voice-over screen reader, which will be of use to the hard of hearing or deaf people. For the partially sighted you have the full screen zoom magnification and the ability to have a white on black display. Well done Apple!

Apple tries to do it’s best for the environment, as it knows that by producing these products, it is having some detrimental effect, so Apple does what it can, to reduce the environmental impact. So you have asked big free glass, mercury free LED backlit display, PVC free and also the aluminium and glass enclosure is recyclable.

IPad spec and iPad dimensions – using the iPad

The iPad dimensions, physical size and the iPad screen dimensions, of 1024 x 768, along with all of the other iPad spec, combined with the software of the operating system and the applications, gives us the iPad experience. There are other tablets out there, that have gone for the widescreen shape and various other sizes, but so far there has not been any other tablets which have been able to call themselves an iPad killer. It is not just the iPad specification and whether they can be beaten in other devices, but down to a lot of factors that come together to complete the iPad using experience.