ipad UK Pricing or Ship Apple iPad from US

Apple iPad prices.

There are rumours of iPad UK Pricing but nothing yet from Apple. Will Apple do what they usually do with the Apple iPad UK price the and over the pond pricing and hike it up a bit. With the iPad being scarce and hard to get right now it would seem that Apple could just charge what they like anyway and get away with it. That on top of the ignominy of making the UK and the rest of the world wait longer to get the device is going to annoy more than a few people.


There is a vocal group of German Apple fans that have already voiced their displeasure at Apple, at being treated like second class citizens. Long term it will not make much difference with the iPad being the runaway success though whatever the Apple iPad pricing. I did also see a bit of a backlash in the ordinary news media that like to have the man bites dog angle on a story that gets too big for itself, with complaints over how well the wifi works.

All very interesting to see how the marketing mega machine that is Apple works, some say that this scarcity that is there now with the iPad availability, is better than what they could have hoped for and possibly manufactured more successfully that the device itself.
There are some non U.S. fans that are prepared to ship Apple iPad from U.S. and pay extra to get their hands on one. iPad worldwide sales will probably go like stink once Apple can make enough of the device in the factories in China.

Update – The Apple UK iPad Price – Apple iPad 2 prices

The iPad from Apple UK prices were not as bad as expected and the iPad 1 price and the iPad 2 UK price were good enough that Apple have sold a boat load of iPads in the UK. Maybe the world wide economy is having an effect on the iPad pricing. Next I will looking out to see what the iPad 3 will be looking like and also wondering about the Apple iPad 3 and the price of the amazing iPad. Now the iPad has been out a while and the iPad is taking over the world and winning against the netbook phenomenon and we are getting iPads for business uses.