iPhone Scrivener – Write and Edit on the Move

I had to get into Scrivener and update some of the files so they were native to Scrivener 3. Pleased to see part of the file update procedure included a backup copy was made first before altering the file. Everything went fairly well with getting the files ready for working with the new software. I still don’t particularly like the synchronisation through Dropbox. It seems I’ve got to tell Scrivener to do the synchronisation when I’d prefer to not give it a second thought. I like the synchronisation to take place in the background and simply work. I hadn’t used iPhone Scrivener very much. With all of the changes to the files on the Mac everything needed to be synchronised. It was taking ages and three or four times the application on the iPhone crashed. I decided the best thing to do was to remove the application from the iPhone, go to the application on the Mac and have everything as tidy as possible. I didn’t want any unnecessary files downloaded to the iPhone. To be absolutely sure I decided to delete the app and then re install after I had sorted it all out on the Mac. Then I let it do the synchronisation.

iphone Scrivener

Using Scrivener 3 iPhone Application

I like the interface in Scrivener for iOS. One of the things I like is the extra row above the keyboard. There is a sliding row with a few handy extras you might need as you work on your document. This gives you extra keys to move through your document one character at a time or one word at a time. There are also up and down arrows to help you navigate in the text. There’s a key for deleting a character to the right of the cursor. Isn’t that nice to have at your fingertips? If you don’t like using the keyboard as a trackpad or using your finger on the screen in the text area to select words, use this set of keys to select what you want. It’s really very handy.

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Keyboard Extras in iPhone Scrivener

iPhone Scrivener keyboard

In iPhone Scrivener you have another set of keys to the right-hand side for you to bold, italicise, underline or strike out what you have selected. There’s a key for putting a highlight colour on your selected text. The two keys to the far right are extremely useful too. One icon which looks like pencil, you can use to insert a link, a comment, footnotes, annotations, images or just to insert the date and time.

iPhone Scrivener Inserts

The icon that looks like a paintbrush in iPhone Scrivener brings in an dialog area to choose character styles and paragraph styles. There are other formatting options such as copying and pasting of formatting. From this slide in dialog you can assign a paragraph style or character styles. It’s also easy to use this area to add a list, either an ordered list or an ordered list.

iPhone Scrivener Formatting

Working With Your Text In Scrivener On Your iPhone

Getting the text into the document via the keyboard and making it look the way you want it to look is easy and productive using Scrivener. The developer of the software has made it easy to add quotation marks, commas and a couple of other characters you normally have to hit the numbers key to get at. One less key to hit to get what you want.

iPhone Scrivener Fonts

Also in the styling area of iPhone Scrivener you can set the justification of the text, set indents, spacing between lines and spacing before and after paragraphs. In this same dialogue there is access to a font chooser. It gives you a set of recommended fonts, but you may also choose from others available on your device. It might seem like there’s so much in there it must be complicated, but it’s all tastefully done. Mostly when you write in Scrivener on the iPhone it will be more about getting the words and ideas in there, but it is cool to have the extra options.