Joining in with – ADN – Twitter Rival

You would think that the rival to Twitter could have thought of a better name than, ADN, especially when it is positioning itself as a place for the elite. To get full use of ADN you have to pay to be a user of it, but now there is another way in through the freemium model. It has been recently introduced into ADN that you can join and have up to 40 followers for free. In a lot of ways the growth of this service as a paid service needs to have some way of inviting new members in and freemium certainly has been instrumental in getting me to try it out.

Who is using ADN ADNNaturally, you will be wondering when you first start trying out ADN whether you’re going to find your friends there. So far I have found that the people that I am likely to talk to, are using this alternative service. It is a place for the geeks and the tech heads and in a lot of ways it is great that it is smaller and the seemingly more friendly than is Twitter. So to a certain extent the question to ask is who is not using ADN. Well, the main absence is going to be those that are only using Twitter to advertise whatever it is they’re selling. The audience, the general populace that the marketers are trying to sell to, are not at all evident in large numbers on ADN.

What is it like to use ADN

One of the biggest differences is that you get 256 characters to work with. Obviously this is going to promote the ability to have intelligent chats with other users. So while Twitter lends itself to the short and pithy, ADN will give you the opportunity to string together proper sentences. You will be able to have sentences that will not need to be murdered grammatically to fit within the 140 characters of Twitter. For this I will be very thankful to

The temptation to become a full member of ADN

As of yet, I have not used the service for long enough to know whether I am likely to want to stump up the cash for the full paid version. The cost is 5 dollars a month or 36 dollars for a whole year, which actually seems to be quite reasonable. The reason why this could be better than using Twitter, could be that you are safe in the knowledge that you are a customer of a service rather than the product of that service. So whereas Twitter and Facebook are in the business of selling your data to those that would like to advertise to you, there is none of that with ADN.

Wedge ADN appI certainly like what I have seen so far on this Twitter rival and I have been using the application called Wedge on my Mac. I got a copy of the Tapbots application for ADN when it was made free a couple of weeks ago, so I have that available for use on my iPad and iPhone. It would seem sensible to me to give it some time to try out and see if I like it before laying down the cash. It seems that at the moment the only way to pay for it is with the use of a credit card, it would be nice to see that they also took PayPal. There is also a time constraint on using ADN. You also going to have to look after and cultivate a new social network, Do you want to do that? So you can find me on ADN with the username of Wizardgold and I will follow you back if I can, depending upon the number of users that I have followed already. Remember I can only follow 40 people.