June Podcasts Mac20Q

June was a good month for Mac 20 Questions Podcasting. I got talking to Chris Foley, Donato Esposito, Cameron Banga and Keith Blount. We got to give away some software donated by Keith, the excellent Scrivener for writers.

Chris Foley was a joy to talk to and really knows his stuff with the Mac, he is into all sorts of things business wise and just having fun with the Mac wise too. If you missed that podcast Mac20Q Podcast 44, then do have a listen. Very interesting chat to be heard there.

Donato the Brummie, a new user of Mac’s although he did a bit of over the shoulder learning from his son having a Mac and getting the one to one lessons in the Mac Store. Donato is a totally Bostin Bloke and Podcast 45 is still available to hear. Find out more about Brummie expressions and ways by checking out his site and you will want to be a Brummie too.

Cameron Banga is a wanabee iPhone programmer with his mates at College kid App. Learning how to make an iPhone application as a summer experience. Hopefully they will make a pile of cash at the same time.

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Keith Blount an ex primary school teacher talked to me about his Scrivener software that is used by many authors, writers, playwrights and scribblers. I bought the software for myself before asking him to take part in the show. There were two winners of Scrivener software. All you had to do was identify an item on one of the menus. Something Spooky was the question. The competition is over but you can get the software for small money at Literature and Latte . Listen to the podcast Mac20Q 47.


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