Learning How To Screencast with ScreenFlow

For starters the question will be – Precisely what is a screencast as well as why should I decide to create one? There are several things that we tend to want to do, or would love to do be able to do by means of our Mac Computer. In some cases it could be challenging to figure out exactly the best way to carry out that task that we have in in front of us. Frequently, the particular computer software is problematic, simply because it lets you do so many different complex tasks, that it is tough to learn how to use. Or perhaps the coder didn’t remember to give some thought to the consumer, whenever she or he was developing the application. Sometimes due to that the software is really is not too intuitive for the consumers of it.On occasion the application is terrific at exactly what it supposed to do. Nevertheless the process which it is accomplishing is elaborate and needs to have a lot of extra description. Then you’ve got to take note of whether or not the instruction manual is up to the job. You can easily find a plenty of people that learn significantly better by getting something demonstrated. Shown how you can implement something rather than having to read through a dull or boring guide.What precisely is a screencast?

In basic terms, it is a video production of whatever you are performing on the screen of your computer. You may capture all your screen activity and your audience will be able to watch it later on. To see with their own eyes how to accomplish whatever task they had previously battled with unsuccessfully. It’s a great way of finding out the right way to complete a process. Simply because you’ll be able to watch it again and again. Then use the pause button when you would like to duplicate right away, what is being shown to you with the screencast video. A screencast can be described as an instructional product.

Applications required for Making Screencasts

On the Apple Mac computer from Snow Leopard OSX onwards, there has been a desktop recording facility in QuickTime. This permits you to create effortlessly, video recordings from the whole of the computer screen. The level of quality is fairly good, and the size of this video clip file of the recorded actions is decent too. You may comfortably work with QuickTime to complete your screencast. Probably, you are going to need to edit out some parts of the video. You may merely need a portion of your whole desktop, so you’d need to move the recording into iMovie to carry out the editing. Certainly, in iMovie, you are going to be able to cut away parts of video recording, where there’s not a lot taking place, or in the section where you said something, you do not want in the final film.


QuickTime desktop recording will capture the audio of the computer. For instance in a video actively playing onscreen, or with a Skype dialogue, or the various sounds that a computer produces while it does things for you. Of course it’ll record the sound from your microphone if you happen to have one connected. You might want to make a narration track, so that you can describe what you’re clicking upon or changing, or shifting.

Other Third Party Screencasting Software programs For sale

Assuming there’s tool that will do what you need straight out of the box, why might we think about purchasing an extra tool that can basically do the same job? You will find there are a range of third party tools including iShowU, Snapz Pro, ScreenFlow, Camtasia (which used to be Windows only and is now on the Mac too.) and also others. Each of these programs have their pros and cons. The most beneficial course of action, for you, will be to get hold of a demo edition. So you can see if any of them suit the way you work. I’ve tested out and even paid out money, for three screen capture software programs and the one recommended is ScreenFlow.

Get the Video recording to The best Size

With ScreenFlow I am able to crop down to a particular area of the screen, or to a size that I prefer to end up with like 1280 by 720. I will use an application known as Mercury Mover to size up windows to the best dimension and to be in the most suitable location for recording. I capture and narrate as I proceed knowing I’ll trim away portions later during the editing process. So that it flows better and is more entertaining for my audience.

Editing and enhancing within ScreenFlow

When the video dimensions are sized correctly you scrub through the video recordings. When you get to portions you want to modify, you are able to include video, audio and callout actions. You can put in text for lower third titles, or titles for either the start or the end of your finished video. By using the video action you can have a zoom in, to the area of the screen, so you present much more clearly what you’re doing. The callout action is going to put highlights for the mouse pointer, or for the primary window of the application. You can focus attention to specifics in your footage.

Picture In Picture

You may also separate the sound from a video clip not to mention set in a whole new sound recording across the top the video. In addition as changing opacity of the video it is possible to do such things as picture in picture. The software will capture the iSight video at the same time as the computer screen activities are getting captured. It will be possible then to layer one above the the other.

Transitions Between Clips

You can put in more than one video clip into a time line and ScreenFlow has a number of transitions available. With the transitions you’ll be able to apply to move the audience from one clip to another. It is possible to do a fade in and out between clips as well as a number of fancy effects. Take care to not over do the effects, the fancy ones should only be employed infrequently. You have at your disposal the page curl, ripple and the three dimensional Box transition.

When I am typically editing portions out I like that, I can easily hit the letter I in order to set an in point and then letter O to arrange an out point. Then it’s effortless to delete all in between these two markers.

From Beginning to end the Screencasting project carried out in ScreenFlow.

To create very high quality looking screencasts it is possible to do the whole thing, in the one program such as in ScreenFlow, from the recording of your desktop, to the submitting of your finished content to YouTube.

You have these third party programs, but you are able to use what’s included within with your Mac, if you are on a tight budget. You will still end up with a completed screencast that looks very good. Screencasting is truly a terrific resource for educators, no matter whether in educational facilities, colleges or if used for training requirements throughout commerce.