Learning to Code in Swift on the iPad

Working on learning to code on my iPad

I now have three days in a row using TapCoding on the iPad

Today I looked at the code for making functions. I finally started to see the light about internal and external names for the parameters. I may go through this set of lessons again in a weeks time to further reinforce these concepts into my memory and hopefully I’ll be able to do some proper coding using functions.

Next I will go through the Data 1 and redo the three lessons within that area.

I need to relearn the lessons about using arrays. It seems to be a good idea for me to keep going over the lessons until I can go through the tests without making any mistakes. I can’t really build upon previous lessons if I don’t fully understand what is going on.

Finding it an excellent idea to use Xcode

One of the things I find difficulties with is to find the lines of code with problems in the TapCoding application tests. It’s a good idea for me to type the code into Xcode and it gives me a clue as to where the problems are. The good thing about using Xcode is that when you want to put in a function after you is enter to complete the code entry it gives you the rest of the function for you to complete. All you have to do is to tap from one section to the next. This makes coding a lot easier and gives you an idea of what bits you need to include.