Mac file sharing – Share the files using Cloud App vs using DropBox

We all have to share files and what we want is an easy way to be able to do that. One of the ways that we all know and love to use, would be Dropbox and there are other Mac file sharing services of a similar type. With Dropbox when you want to share a file you can easily just save the file into a particular folder that you have specified as a shared folder. That shared folder will typically be shared between a small number of people and files can go into it from whoever is doing the sharing to that folder. You can also put files into a public folder within Dropbox and grab a URL which you give to whoever you want to give that file to. It is not particularly difficult to do it that way, but you could instead be using an application called Cloud, could be the best file sharing program.

Mac File Sharing with iCloud

Mac file sharing My CloudApp

File Sharing info from Growl

When you drag and drop a file onto the icon for the cloud app in the menubar, you just have to wait for as long as it takes to upload a file to the server and when it is ready you get an audio notification and a Growl notification if you are using Growl. So why not go and take a look at the Cloud app website if you want more information, or just go to the Mac App Store and download and install directly onto your Mac. Set up some Mac file sharing today, get started with iCloud and DropBox.

iCloud for Mac File Sharing

iCloud is a work in progress at the moment still. I am waiting for Mac OSX Lion to arrive on the scene to give us some good service. What was promised already was that the files created on iOS would magically appear on the desktop and laptop computers and that didn’t happen. It was very disappointing and hopefully the next big cat will sort that out. With the resources of Apple you would think that they could come up with something that would beat dropbox file sharing which is, for now the best of the file sharing apps. If I have got a file to share my first though now is with DropBox. All I have to do is to copy files to the right folder on my Mac which links up with my dropbox account and all my shared files can be placed in their. There are other useful Mac apps for file sharing or cloud file sharing, one such app is called box which is at