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Good and geeky

Disappointing is the only way to describe the start that Katie and David have made with this new Mac Power User podcast. I have just listened to the podcast about word processing and it had nothing at all in there for power users.

The first 25 minutes of it was talk about Microsoft Word.  Nothing about power using it, just a kind of overview of why people might use it and complaints about it.

They got on to other possibilities like Open Office and Scrivener but again no depth and no power, just a superficial skimming of the topic, suitable for new users or beginners.

I know it is difficult to really do power user depth without alienating many listeners by being so specific, but then perhaps the Podcast should be called something else.

The next podcast is about how to set up a new machine, again it is not really a topic that will lend itself to power users. I got to the point in the podcast that I had to put on the double speed option on my iPhone. Made it more bareable to listen to. They talk slowly anyway so it was an improvement.

I still wish them luck with the Podcast and you never know one of these days they might be a golden nugget of information in one of them. Still believe that they should have started the series with power user topics and not stuff for beginners. The podcast is really the same level as The MacCore Podcast which Katie does with someone else, and the format is much the same, except this is with MacSparky.

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