Mac20Q and making videos

Reviews and discussions about hardware

For making my own videos I use Canon cameras. Lately I have bought a Canon 600D and I also use a Canon Vixia, which is an excellent, fairly inexpensive video camera. At present I don’t have a phone or iPad that records video, but I do plan to buy the iPad 3. I like the way that the DLSR video shooters community are looking at ways to cut costs for making video, by making their own tools for the job. I have already made myself a tabletop dolly that I am really pleased with. I have set it up so that I will also be able to use it on a track of some sort.

Audio for video is vital if you want a viral video for YouTube

This will be a vitally area of discussion on this website, because as everybody knows people will watch a video even if the visuals are of poor quality, so long as the sound is good. Whereas if the sound is bad, more viewers are likely to stop watching, even if the video quality is good. I am still building up the hardware that I want for recording audio with the video. I have a number of microphones that I can plug-in directly to the camera and other microphones that I can use to capture audio. I have a Zoom H2 recorder and I can also use the iPad to record sound externally. The microphone that I use with the iPad is an iRig microphone. I do plan to buy a preamp, probably a Juiced Link CX231, so that I can use phantom powered XLR shotgun microphones as my audio source. Another essential item that will have to be bought at some point in time, will be a decent clip on microphone. Initially I expect to buy one that will plug into the camera and eventually I would like to get a wireless clip on lavalier microphone.

Video is the future of the Internet

With the increase of broadband speeds and the ubiquity of the Internet and the ability to record video easily, there is going to be an increase of the use of video online. We see from time to time on the news items on the television, that there has been a silly video that has gone viral and had thousands or even millions of views. Let’s have a discussion about how that happens. Mostly it is down to luck and the video being picked up by some big player, that is able to generate a large number of views for that video, so that it takes off like a runaway snowball getting bigger and bigger. I do like that it is possible for the ordinary person to be able to create a video and to share it out and to take on the video professionals. Sometimes all that is needed is enthusiasm to make a viral video for YouTube

Ask me some questions about video

While I am not a video professional myself, I would like to think that I should do a good job of sharing with you what I am learning myself about video as I go. If I don’t know the answer to your question, then I do have resources to be able to find an answer for you. I do have the added benefit that my son Liam Allen is a professional cameraman and quite often that would be the first place for me to go to get the answer to a question. Seeing as he is a professional cameraman he does tend to prefer the expensive professional solutions to YouTube viral video. On the other hand I can balance that out with my desire to produce video as inexpensively as possible while getting the best possible quality out of what I can use.

 Hands up all those people that want to make a viral video for YouTube.

Making a youtube video or making videos for youtube and have that video viral out on the interwebs is the aim. Videos viral or viral video YouTube is easy and also hard to make happen and sometimes just needs luck to give a video a case of the virals. Youtube 3 is something that will have to be looked into, what does it mean for us video makers? Youtube make a video. One thing that is certain is that we would all like to know how to make a viral video. It wouldn’t have to be one of the best viral videos, just so long as it goes viral on YouTube. I would like to  have this site like a viral video film school.