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I’m sorry to report that Bob died in 2016. I had been in contact with him a couple of months previously and it was a bit of a shock. A sad occasion because he was such a nice bloke.

I last talked to Bob de Grande five years ago on this podcast. Bob, in the meantime has got into podcasting in a big way with a number of podcasts. He did a podcast called Dextercast. He has a podcast called ‘In the Village’ which is based on the 1960s television series ‘The Prisoner’. I have been to the village where this was filmed in Wales called Portmeirion and is a great place to visit especially in the spring or summer time. The Italianate architecture looks much better when there are lots of flowers in bloom. Bob also introduced me to his ‘Clone Dance Party’ which is based upon the ‘Orphan Black’ TV Series. Since interviewing Bob on the podcast a few days ago I have started to watch Orphan Black and I am finding it very entertaining.

Talking about Macs

A while back Bob bought himself an iMac to be able to do his podcasts and is still using this after a good few years. It just goes to show that the Mac computer is a good quality machine and will last a good long time. I am finding this myself with my iMac which I was able to upgrade a little by adding an external Thunderbolt connected SSD. Of course, I also added as much RAM as I was able to. I expect to get another two or three years from this computer.

Bob has never used an iPhone although he tells me did have an iPod Touch. He is however, using an iPad which is a great computer to have around. he says he carries it everywhere with him. I know that I love using my iPad Air 2 to create plenty of creative digital content including podcasts and digital artwork. It really isn’t true what some people say that an iPad is for consumption of content and not very good for creating it.

A picture of Bob in which he used software to turn himself into an evil vampire. This image was done in an application called iMut8r on iOS. He certainly looks a very scary indeed.

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Bob looks a little bit less scary in this picture taken at a Dexter event in New York. Pictures were taken of visitors to the event as victims of the serial killer in Miami. Dexter was a pretty good TV series, even though it was a little bit gruesome at times.

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