Mac20Q Podcast 22

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Click to listen to the Podcast

Matt Hillyer from Iowa, which is somewhere in the middle of America. He is a busy fella working and studying too. He has a MacBook Pro and is a video podcaster. Although he had a Mac many years ago he is really a recent switcher, with a bit of Mac history.

He has a 24 inch screen connected to his MackBookPro. He has to use Microsoft office running in Parallels for the work side of things, but uses Pages and iWork for his studying. He able to convert pages documents to office compatible versions.

He has a whole pile of Apple products and has recently bought a turn by turn GPS application for his iPhone. He bought the Western USA maps  which was a 900 mb download.

He has a 5Mb download internet connection and I tell him how lucky he is compared to my lowly 2Mb download speed. I have just got started with WiMax which is a long distance radio connection. As I am only 0.6 miles from the antenna so it is not too bad.

Matthew has been trying out the Safari 4 beta that many of us have been trying out. Did you know that it is possible to use a terminal command to put the tabs where ther were in Safari 3. I have Safari 4 but still prefer to use Firefox. I like being able to easily set the new site to open up in a new tab rather than a new window.

The choice for a microphone is a Blue Snowball USB and chose it so that no mixer was required. He tells me that the snowball is quite big but does a good job for him. With his podcasting he got an App from Boinx TV and it is a Tricaster thing so he can feed in video and produce a TV show live with it.

I mention Photoshop TV on the podcast. The guys on that have a small TV studio for producing their show, It is a great place to learn more about how to use Photoshop. Don McAllister get a mention because Matthew is so impressed with Screencasts Online.

Backups are important and that’s why I always ask people about their backup strategy. Chronosync gets a mention here along with Mozy and Time Machine.

Podcasts Matthew recommends. ScreencastsOnline of course and the podcasts that are Typically Victor.

The SteathMac Podcast. Matthew has been running the podcast since last September which is a video type of podcast showing things he does with the computer.

He recommends Geek Brief TV by Cali Lewis. Podfeet from Allison Sheridan. and a few other web sites in the Podcast. Have a listen

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