Mac20Q Podcast 25 Bart Busschots

Click the picture to Listen to the Podcast

Click the picture to Listen to the Podcast

Had a great very good chat with the Bart Busschots from Ireland. He takes charge, hosts the International Mac Podcast and does his best to keep some order over the rest of the Scallywags. I will be one of the scallywags tomorrow on the next live show. Should be fun.

Bart has back up paranoia leading to the use of Rsync and Arrsync to do back ups a plenty. Along with pirate humour, a wooden leg and a parrot on the shoulder type of pirate you should note.
Doesn’t think to highly of Ubercaster for podcasting – reckons it is too flakey in use. Which is why all of the people on the IMP do a recording of the show just in case it is needed.

He likes to drink coffee while using his favourite application – NetNewswire. I have been trying it out since recording the interview and I think I like it but I don’t like coffee. I wonder if it works with tea?

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