Mac20Q Podcast 32 BJ Wanlund

Click the picture to hear the podcast

Click the picture to hear the podcast

BJ Wanlund talks to me in the about what he does on a Mac. He is a bit of a gamer and lost me totally talking about some of the games he is into. I have only had a quick play with World of Goo which came with the MAcHeist thing and I would not have otherwise. Still have to fire up CroMag Rally and the mini games too.

He has a black MacBook and uses it for his school work, so that’s for business and pleasure. He did have some experience with an Apple 2 many years ago, too many years ago to mention. Since then he used Windows like many of us did before coming back into the fold. Mainly due to having hardware problems with a Gateway computer.

BJ is keen on watching TV on the computer using ElGato products, this makes it one of hos favourite applications. He also uses MS orifice for some things on his Mac, in particular to do some snazzy alignments of text for a front page of a document.

BJ’s Mac blog
BJ’s Twitter account
Dual Screen Radio
Being James Bond
The MuppetCast

BJ wonders why Apple can’t make a decent version of iTunes for Windows users, he also uses Parallels in coherence mode so he can drag and drop things from Windows to OSX.

BJ has a play with Garageband formn time to time but has not much time to keep up with his photos he takes with the iPhone. he tells me he plans to upgrade to iLife09. For backing up he loves Time Machine. I recommended using SuperDuper and also Mozy and DropBox.

I did an upgrade of my MacBook and BJ told me that he also has done upgrades of his computer and didn’t have any screws left over either.

I got a few tips on how to use World of Goo and make structures to get the goo into the pipe. We talk about a whole load of other things including Twitter clients so listen to the show now.

In my ramblings I talk briefly about microphones after having a wee chat with @Legion11 in GoToMeeting so that he could test out his new Blue Snowflake, another gift for his MacBook Pro this week. He say he never manages to go for a month without buying something for the mac. We all have to have a vice to support.
I mention the RØDE Podcaster microphone and also the Samson mics and the Behringer mics

I watched a tutorial video in which Joseph Nilo shows how to do some stuff in KineMac. Makes it look very easy to do some 3D animations with a camera following a path and being able to zoom in or out as well as have objects moving around too. spinning floating and whatever.
Looks very easy to put colours, textures , video on to objects to get some really fancy things going on. You can even put in 3D objects you have created in other 3D applications  into an animation.I will have to put a day or two aside to get in there and create something.


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