Mac20Q Podcast 43 DavidBCohen

Writes for MyMac Podcast Website and US based internet magaazine about Macs. reviews of hardware and software and more.
David started with a MacMini after his wife saw one in the shop and said straight away that she wanted one bought one too. Good plan to take her to the Apple Store huh??
He occasionally uses Bootcamp for a game but prefers the virtual route so can drop in and out as needed.
Flight control user on the iPhone and has a pile of iPods. While doing the waiting for the new baby to be born was landing planes. Well crashing planes anyway !!

Click on the picture to listen

Click on the picture to listen

David uses VM ware fusion for virtualisation of other operating systems on his Mac but also recommends Virtual box from Sun, Uses Safari now that Foxmarks works with it as well as with FireFox although he downgraded from safari 4 back to 3
Like many of us Mac users he is a believer in 1Password too
As for the Twitter client David used Tweetdeck for a while, and then moved to Tweetie and liked it enough to pay for it
Like myself he is not impressed with the celebrities with thousands of followers that need a staff to be able to keep up with Twitter. It is not really what Twitter is about.
Into photography and uses Lightroom

David has a Contour Design shuttle for the work he was doing in Garageband

There is massive value in the Apple refurb store and David is quite happy to buy the refurbished  products. There are some great savings to be had.
David is a drop box user so he can have files synchronised on various computers to be able to work on them where ever he might be. I think Dropbox is the bees knees and with 2 Gb for free you can’t go wrong. David was a NetNewsWire user  but there were a few problems or syncing issues so switched to switched to Google reader

WriteRoom for writers with a green letter old school interface that sounds quite ugly, but lets David  concentrate on the writing job in hand

Uses Google calendar to sync to the iPhone and uses Nueva sync

Favourite podcasts.
Leo Laporte – Mac Break Weekly
Totally Rad show


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