Mac20Q Podcast 63 Peter Wobster & Krystal Gault


Krystal and Peter are film makers in the North West of England and they also run Cinematopia a small film festival. Here is what they say about Cinematopia.

They organise CINEMATOPIA which is Preston’s only regular MOVIE NIGHT hosted by the Mad Ferret and Kitsch Monkey Productions Krystal is the Kitsch Monkey.

They Screen a weird and wonderful, themed programme of short film, music video, animation and digital media and topped off with a cult feature film, this is surely the most relaxing way to enjoy a beer or two – and it’s FREE! Be scintillated! Be dazzled! Be amazed!
Krystal Gault
That’s is what you get for having your movie nights in a pub, the films are the free bit and the beer you probably have to pay for.

Seems that is it a great idea to be making films and showing films too. Keep the interest up for film in general and it has to be good for meeting other people interested in film and movies.

Peter is the tech guy of the team and uses Final Cut Pro to edit their movies. He teaches film and sound design to bring in extra cash, for making their movies. It is getting difficult for all film makers to get financing for making movies. I even saw a report that stated that Hollywood will be making a third less movies