Mac20Q Podcast 86 ArtisticBrit


ArtisticBritAndrew Jones is a British guy living in New Jersey in the US and has a Mac tech business out there. As you can tell from his YouTube name ArtisticBrit, he is an arty sort of person that is into creating art with his Mac more than anything else. He uses Adobe Illustrator and various other application like this and loves using the Mac.

Our chat was very informal and we had a laugh along the way. He is also into video creation and uses a Canon video camera to capture his images. I met up with Andrew first of all on YouTube which is a surprise seeing as Twitter seems to be the place these days. Mind you seeing as we are both into vide then it should not be a surprise.

Andrew the ArtisticBrit is a photographer too and loves nothing better than getting out and about taking pictures of amongst other things , Fire Hydrants. Have a listen to the podcast because he talks about what he has in his camera bag and also about the workflow he uses to take something from initial idea to a finished art work.


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Andrew the Artisticbrit on Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming popular now and it is hardly surprising that Andrew has an ArtisticBrit Pinterest Page. It is a very good place to show of your photos and videos online. Pinterest has a pretty good way of showing of the pictures. It does seem that Pinterest is extra popular with the female of the species, which is pretty good when you consider that so much of the internet is male dominated. Certainly I think we should have the internet balancing itself out across the gender divide.