Mac20Q Podcast 95 – Leon Walsh

Leon Walsh

In this episode of the Mac20Q Podcast I am pleased to say I was talking to a really decent chap from Southport in England. he works for an Australian company which is pretty marvellous seeing as he is based in the UK. Ah the power of the internet! After studying computer science he went on to work indirectly for Apple at an Apple reseller, fixing hardware and also working in sales. So Leon Walsh surely knows his way around the Mac.

We chat about how great the iPhone is and he tells me that his could be surgically implanted because he makes so much use of the device. he has plans to buy a iPad when he makes a trip to the US in June. Leon tells me that he has his iPhone jail broken and will be using the iPhone to provide the connectivity for the iPad when he gets it also. Seems like a good plan that, saves having to have multiple data plans to serve the various devices he wants to use. Having said that though he may buy one of the MiFi devices from the UK Mobile phone company ‘3’ and jail break that as I have recently done because it could be extra useful when he is travelling to his place in Spain.

A favourite application of Leon’s is iTunes because all that you can do with it. I mention in my ramble too about how you can increase its functionality further by getting scripts from the Doug’s Applescript web site. I do that as part of my ramble about automating things with things like Automator, AppleScript and Hazel.

Leon and i talk for quite a while because as usual it is a friendly chat about using Macs generally and covering things like best free application, most expensive application and so on. Leon tells me that he loves using Garageband and also Logic because he is a keyboard player and a bit of a musician.


Learning iPhone programming.


In the ramble I talk about how I made my first iPhone application, simple but I think an important first baby step of many steps in the process of becoming an iPhone and iPad developer. I was so delighted, I did a little dance because it took me a couple of attempts with the tutorial, I learned a few things on the way including the fact that a step had been missed out and I was lucky to spot in an accompanying picture on the site.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try to make for the iPhone or iPad? It could take me a long time but I do plan to eventually make it to the heady heights of Mac and iPhone developer. I have a couple of ideas already but more is always good.


Evernote has a new version of the application for the iPad and iPhone and many of the improvements are shown off better in the iPad It has improved tagging – keywording facilities. If you are not using tagging in your applications that support them then I suggest that you get into it. Last podcast I was waxing lyrical about how they were so useful within iPhoto, especially when combined with Smart folders

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