Mac20Q Podcast 99 Paul the Mac Guy Scott


I talk with Paul Scott about what he does with his Mac. We discuss the compatibility possible when you have to use some Windows apps on your Mac. I tell him about a friend that was using an older CRT iMac that had problems with file sharing and that now with the way things are we don’t have those problems. There are some PC users that can’t open some Windows files like the problem with some doc files.

Paul uses his computer to transcode audio files from one format to another. He has a MacBookPro and it is fairly new due to getting an older one replaced with AppleCare. Great the way that Apple looks after its Apple care customers like that. I have not used Apple Care yet myself – What about you do you use AppleCare.

Paul has a blog The Mac Guy in which he answers people questions about hardware and software, seeing as he has a wealth of knowledge about Macs. He uses BlogPress and loves the application MacJournal. While on a plane recently he was showing off his iPad in between being able to use it to make a blog post. The only difficulty was the fact he could not rotate a screenshot image. Did you know that you can get a screen shot by pressing the Home and Lock keys. Paul uses the iPad to VPN into his work computers.

Like myself Paul is learning Objective C and wants to work from home and have his dog as his office manager. He has the book Aaron Hillegas which I have also and he has the Objective C for Dummies book. He would like to go and have a week at the Big Nerd Ranch where you can go and spend a week just learning programming. They do those here in Germany too. I am using a book by Stephen Kochan about Objective C. Become and Xcoder at cocoalabs and cocoadevcentral are both useful sites to learn more. We lamented that we will perhaps to buy new books when Xcode 4 comes out fully and everything is changed

He uses the app Notebook as he can record audio during lectures and I tell him about Soundpaper that you can do the same thing on an iPad. He best free application is Twitterific. I inform paul about which is a useful site to post to numerous social networks and blogs in one foul swoop.

We talk about SEO and how I used it with the Amazing iPad site and also about where Paul gets his web traffic from. He gets it mostly from Google of course as Bing is still a bit new. We talk about SquareSpace the place where you can host blogs. I reckon it is too expensive there for what you get. With using GoDaddy I have unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth and it is either cheaper or the same price as on SquareSpace where you can only use one domain.

Safari 5 is with us now and it has given us some new features like the Reader which works a bit like Instapaper. basically it strips out the crud from the web page and shows just the main information.

Paul wouldn’t mind doing a Mac Podcast but is wondering what area of Macs to concentrate on. He may perhaps go for something for new switchers. He listens to a few podcasts like MacGeekGab and MacBreak Weekly.

A Macuser group would be a good idea in your area and Paul is the Vice President of the Las Vegas Mac User Group and the members get the camaraderie of being the the group and they have group discussions and presentations about software and Apple went to the group to present the iPad to them. Apple even took in a couple of demo units to pass around, for the iPad demo there were 40 or 50 people present.

In the picture paul is there at the Mac Store with a T Shirt saying I visited the mothership. He is willing to stand in line at the Apple Store events and has taken his mother with him there and they stood there for eight and a half hours to get an iPhone. he says it was a bit of a party. They did it again for the iPad because it is such a party atmosphere.

Paul dislike AT & T just as much I dislike Telefonica, he is not happy about the no tethering on AT&T and the new cap on the iPhone plans. It is a bit silly that you have to have a plan for the iPhone and another one for the iPad.

Why is it not possible to get the cable that makes it possible to output to a projector or a TV perhaps so that they can demonstrate to the special interest group they are setting up to focus more on the iOS and the devices that run it.