Mac20Q Podcast Roundtable 001

Click on the image to hear the podcast

Click on the image to hear the podcast

We did have a meeting last week but it was soley to test out the GoToMeeting system. This week we got together to chat about Piracy and Pirate Bay court decision in Sweden. We talk about microphones and what is a good choice for podcasting or just for use with Skype.

AppleCare is it worth it and do users of it in the UK get a bad deal sometimes, depending on which store they go to.

I’ll try and remember all the names of the people in the room. GazMaz, ElaineGiles, Paulshadwell, Legion11, Thomasmike, Patmahon, Maicki, Jane73, MichaelKing4023, Michael Smith came in a while, if I have missed anyone please tell me .

It is a bit of a long podcast but there are some parts of it are a little funny. And we slag off the music record companies and of course the movie companies because they don’t let us buy movies and TV shows here in Europe.


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