Michael Smith Mac20Q Podcast 6

Click on picture to hear Podcast

Click on picture to hear Podcast

I had a nice little chat with Michael Smith which is the interview for Mac20Q Podcast number 7. Michael uses an iMac for video editing and also owns a MacBook and a Mac Mini. He is a user of Final Cut Pro

Michael is a student studying media studies so has a big interest in making video, he tells us little about what it is like to follow such a course. Some snippits of information

The MacMini is not being used right now but I was mentioning a few possible uses for it. Some people like to make them into a  media centre and then others use them to make a car based computer.

I have seen projects where they stash them in the glove box and add a small 7in monitor and a small keyboard. I suppose it is mostly going to be a media centre for the car mostly but it could perhaps have a GPS antenna connected and be a car GPS unit too. Don’t really know, just guessing on that one.
Michael has a web site at Sokar’s studio he blogs on this about his interests in Sci Fi communities and posts up links to video he has created.


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