Must have an iPad or is it a I Want an iPad

Yesterday while checking out Twitter – as you do when you are a geek, I saw that, someone I know that has declared himself to the world as being in debt to an unbelievable level and is bankrupt, has bought himself an iPad. Not only that – the person is living in the UK and to get the iPad he had to buy from the USA and pay the extra costs of getting it shipped plus the extra duty on top of that. Crazy or what? I suppose when you owe that much money a bit more on top won’t make a big difference.

It just goes to show the level of commitment (he should be committed) that Apple fan boys will go to to get their fix of the shiny Apple toys. I am sure there are a few other people out there that would be prepared to sell the granny to be able to get their hands on the newest computer from Cupertino. Even some borderline cases of need an iPad will be arranging thought inside the head to justify the purchase of the top of the range model