Official date for the Apple event

No more unconfirmed rumours about when the Apple iPhone event will take place. Apple have something on the web site to say it is 12th September. This means two weeks of speculation of what will be in the announcements on the day. Take everything with a pinch of salt because so many pundits make stuff up for link bait. Can I suggest you take a chill pill and see what comes on the day. It will be nice to have the surprise. I’m going to stop listening to any of the Mac news podcasts or I will get annoyed by all the hot air coming from the presenters.

It’s in my calendar

Love the Safari trick which lets me click on a link and add the event to my calendar. I then see it in Central European Time and I don’t have to use any app to convert to my time zone.

Probably no new phone for me this year

I could still be tempted. It depends on how compelling the announcements are. I’m still loving my iPhone 7 Plus and my wife could go longer for a new phone too. It’s always nice to have the newest and shiniest though.

One more thing!

Apple are holding the event in the Steve Jobs Theater. First time to see the new Apple Park facilities being used like this. Will be extra interesting for those of us watching on the Apple TV and more so for the attendees.