OmniOutliner for iPad hits the App Store

The OmniOutliner for iPad has arrived in the Apple App Store and costs $19.99. The usual approach to pricing as in a bit on the high side. But there are people that love the products from the Omni Group and will pay that. It is up to each business to price how they want and if it works to price at that level then good for them. There are a lot of people in the app development community that really don’t like the race to the bottom in the apps store iPad. App developers have to eat too, right.

With the iPad version of OmniOutliner it starts off with a blank page and you can start to put in the text and rearrange it, when doing this the outlining facilities become apparent. You get a Hierarchy, columns, styling and notes. You can use which of these features a suits the work you are doing and have it as simple or as organised as you like. They claim that you can use it to do some serious writing and managing of data in OmniOutliner for iPad. This sort of iPad application is for the business users of the iPad.

OmniOutliner for iPadOmniOutliner for iPad has some documents included as samples and you can also use them as templates. It lets you know how the styles work in documents and gives you ideas of how to use in your own work.

When you email yourself a document you can open it directly from the email application using the ‘Open In’ function. Seems weird that there is no synchronisation with the desktop application when the people most likely to buy it now are the users of OmniOutliner on the Mac. Also as part of the syncing you can send to iDisk, WebDAV and move it through iTunes. Getting into Dropbox will be possible if you use DropDAV but having full connection with DropBox would be better.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I buy or should I keep working with ThinkBook, that strange but interesting application for iPad that I mentioned the other day. Have a look in the Apps Store iPad. Is this a good plan for getting things done iPad style.

There are a load of Get Things Done applications in the App Store for iPad and if you can I should try a few of them out before deciding on which is best for you. The only thing with the App Store iPad is that if the software is a paid for application you don’t get the chance to try before you buy and so the way to check it out will be either to download from the web site of the developer a trial version. Failing that as a possibility then all you can do is hope there are videos that demonstrate it working or just stump up the cash. Do you have some strange or brilliant iPad business uses? Which are your top business applications? Bento for iPad and Mac  is a super database for example and there are a ton of text editors for the iPad. Have a look in in the iPad apps store to see if there are any applications that will be good for your purpose, the app stores are the best place to look. There are also one or two app store apps.

OmniOutliner for iPad


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