Other things I like about the new iPad

I was seriously tempted to get the 11 inch iPad instead of the 12.9 inch. It wasn’t the difference in price that was tempting me. It was more to do with the weight of the object and of the perceived size. I was thinking that a small one would be nice. Easier to carry around the house. But after looking at the two devices side-by-side in the Apple Store I’m sure getting the largest size was the best idea. In any case, the new iPad is still smaller and lighter than the iPad it’s replacing.

It’s taking a while to get used to the Face ID being the way to get into the iPad. But, it’s okay and I don’t suppose it will be long before I have it in there as muscle memory. When typing on the keyboard it’s super that my hands are close to the keyboard. It’s easy to lift a finger and to tap on the screen to get the suggested word from the iPad. The keyboard has a decent touch to it. Initially I was thinking that the short depressions for the keys were going to be insufficient. That isn’t the case. It works really well and it only takes time to get used to the layout. It was fortunate I was able to get a English international keyboard and didn’t get stuck with the Spanish one. I wasn’t sure they would have them in stock in the Apple Store in Barcelona.

I just got a notification on my watch

I have no idea what the notification is for. I woke up the watch to have a look and there was nothing there in notifications. I suspect the notification was coming in for the exercise rings. Maybe my son has just completed a task or closed one of the rings in the exercise app and the watch was letting me know.

Lots of space to fill

I’ll be able to use this new iPad as a main computer if I want to. If I’d bought the 11 inch model I perhaps would’ve gone for the 512 GB , But as it is I have the 256GB and with it being double what I had in my previous iPad I think I should be fine. Even if I start to edit more videos on the iPad because of it being faster and more capable, I don’t expect to fill up the storage too fast. I have it set so that most of what I put there goes into my iCloud storage anyway. I’m still running with the 2 TB of storage on iCloud.

Grainy image looks lo res

I’m going to have to change the image on the front screen. Because it looks a little bit too grainy for my liking. I will put on one of the backgrounds I have downloaded from Pinterest. It makes the screen looks like it’s got only low resolution by using a grainy picture.

Trouble backing up

This morning I’m trying once again to get the old iPad to be backed up on the computer. Yesterday I tried to do that with the iTunes application and also with iMazing. I seem to be running into a problem and I’ve got no idea what it was. I also need to sort out something with Day One.

My best Journal app

It was taking forever to get Day One loaded up onto the new pad. It wanted to put on a second account I’m not using. I was having a problem with the passwords for the accounts. In the end I tried the password from the wrong account in the proper account and it worked. Based on a different email. I also need to contact the people at Day One and quote a reference number to get them to let me link with iCloud.