Panorama Shot in the French Pyrannees

Walked high in the mountains to get this shot


In actual fact this is seven photographs stitched together in Affinity Photo. The application does an amazing job of stitching together the photographs so that you can’t see the joints. All you have to do is to select your photos and let the app do its work. I did a lot of climbing over rocks and under branches, around trees and finally got to a set of seven or eight  lakes. This was just one of them and I could have walked another four or five kilometres to get to the other side of this lake and on the other side of the hill. On the day there was a French and Spanish holiday so there were quite a few other walkers enjoying the late autumn sunshine.  I could have used a panorama facility on either the Sony NEX–6 or with my iPhone 7 Plus.  this time I decided to create a huge panorama image by stitching together five separate handheld photos. The advantage is that the resulting image is of the highest quality possible. Taking advantage of the much larger sensor of the mirrorless camera and the high quality lenses as you would find on a DLSR.