Picking up the iPad to use and do stuff

iPad in a Bag for Easy Carrying

I have a bag, you might call it a manbag, but I live in Spain and it is perfectly acceptable to the point of being popular to carry such a bag. I might not take it to England with me next time I go though. In the UK, Everything has to be put in pockets and there is the problem. I don’t have any pockets large enough to take an iPad. No problem to carry an iPhone like that, although I have a pouch for my iPhone that hangs off my belt. I can run the wire for the headphones up inside my jumper to my neck to stick one or both of the earbuds in my ears. Now that is not going to work with the iPad either.

I will have to stick with the bag, and it it is handy to put my glasses in there too so that I can see things clearly on the iPad screen without squinting. Mind you with the iPad, you can do the pinch zoom thing so that if some text is a mite small then bringing it to a size I can read is easier than finding the specs. I would be half inclined to ditch the iPhone and use only the iPad, just for the sake of my eyes. Just have to work out a good way to carry the iPad so that I can plug in the headphones on the move.

Going Shopping with the list on the iPad

Shopper listHave any of you used the iPad to do your shopping list? There are apps for that, and I would be tempted to use the iPad after using the app Shopper which is an iPhone app but looks OK when it is in 2X mode on the iPad. I could have the list done before I go out, and it would mean that I could be grocery shopping in guerilla mode. That’s the way us guys like to do the grocery shopping. Get in there, make a grab for the necessary stuff, hit the till and get out again. Safely back home we can get back to the important stuff, like watching TV or playing a video game. Just kidding – Honest!

With Shopper you can enter bar codes and it can populate the list for you that way. You can put in the prices before hand so that if you have to do the shopping regularly you can see when the shops are putting up the prices. You would not notice so easily otherwise. When you tick off the items in the list as you put them in the trolley, you will also see what the total is. Good so that you can make sure that you don’t get stiffed at the till. Last time I was in one shop they hit the 4 items button when there was only 2. It was a keyboard typo I don’t think it was done on purpose.

Shopping listUsing these Shopper type applications doesn’t have to just be for grocery shopping. If could easily be done to remind you of all the items you need from the hardware store, for that DIY project.

I have downloaded another free app that is for the iPad and I will give it a try. There are other apps in the iTunes store too for this purpose. Grocery Gadget iPad which is €2.99 and Shopping List – Quick and easy at €1.59. I will see how the free one goes first and then look at the details of what the others offer if the free one is not up to scratch. Good to bring a little bit of tech into something that is mundane.

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