Good and Geeky

David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Record a Life the Good and Geeky Way

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Good and geeky

Good and Geeky digital journalling

The book is now available on Amazon. It was released on 8 September. The book covers the how and why concerning journalling and recording your life. No more scribbling on paper-based books, do it all digitally and with audio, video and pictures as well as all those important words. Day One  is my preferred Mac and iOS journalling software. It is brilliant and does just about everything I need from journalling software. It would be nice to have more options for working with pictures in the journal, such as being able to make a collage or a slideshow of images. I expect that will come in time, they are always working on it and making it better.  It will also be nice to add videos directly into the application. It is possible to create these things elsewhere such as a YouTube or on webpages you make with Adobe Slate and link to them in Day One.

Record a Life on US Amazon Store      Record a Life on UK Amazon Store

Good and Geeky Record a Life

I’ve set the price to €0.99 for the first month of release.

It will go back to the proper price of €2.99 after that.

Get your copy today.

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