Recording audio from your Mac with Amadeus Pro

In the past when I wanted to record something from my Mac I have been using an application called Wiretap Studio. Unfortunately, this application did not make the upgrade once Mountain Lion arrived. In fact, it is so long since I actually used Wiretap Studio that it may have got broken with Lion. I used this application all of the time for recording podcasts from Skype. It was very good, as I could have the recording put my own audio from my microphone on one track and the recording of the other person in the interview which was coming from Skype, on another track. It was very easy then to be able to split these two tracks and to be able to clean up the audio recording of the interview ready to publish. I did know that it was possible to record directly into Amadeus Pro , but I had never got around to actually doing it.

Recording internally from the Mac by using Sound Flower


It is a quite simple download from a website and an install of some free software that is called SoundFlower , although it does require a reboot of the computer. Then all you need to do is to go to the sound settings for your computer, which you can get to from the system preferences or by using the option key on the menu item at the top right of your screen. I usually prefer to hold down the option key and click on the speaker icon in the menu bar and then I can choose where I want to send the sound to. I am always changing this setting depending upon which application I am using, sometimes I use the large speakers which are connected to the headphone port of the Mac and sometimes I use the USB headphones that I use for Dragon Dictate .

So what you need to do is to choose the output as being Sound Flower (2ch) in your sound settings. This will direct the sound from your system to SoundFlower. Then you go into the settings within Amadeus Pro and choose to record from SoundFlower (2ch). That is all you need to do to have the sound from any other applications working on your Mac be directed into the Amadeus Pro application. So you can start the other application doing its stuff after you have first pressed record within Amadeus. It may well be that when you first do this, that you do not hear any sound from your Mac, and this is right as you have sent it to Sound Flower. To be able to hear what it is that you’re recording, you have to put a tick in the box for passthrough.


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Working with your audio in Amadeus Pro

Amadeus Pro is a marvellous multitrack audio recording application that you can use to organise the elements of sound. In many ways I prefer to use Amadeus Pro rather than use Garageband , especially when it comes to making podcasts . Garageband can be much better if you are creating musical tracks, certainly this is the case if you’re going to use the loops that are available within that application.

So there you go, that is all you need to know to be able to record audio from your Mac into Amadeus Pro. It is also very easy to set up your Mac so that you can pump audio into the Mac from external sources and also be able to send that into Amadeus Pro. Amadeus pro is a good application to use to get vinyl records to CD or iTunes .