Reminiscing My Visit to the Apple Store Barcelona

The Apple Store Barcelona

The Apple Store Barcelona is not right in the centre of the city, which could be a good thing. When you have a store that is right in the centre of the city then you will have difficulties with parking. Apple decided with the Barcelona Apple Store that it would be better if it was on a retail Park. So in Barcelona if you want to have an Apple retail experience you have to go to visit La Maquinista. In the La Maquinista shopping centre you will find the Apple Store on the first floor. The first time that I visited I found it a little bit difficult to find, because it is quite a large shopping centre. In fact I parked at the wrong end of the shopping centre and was looking all over the place for applestore Barcelona, without success and had to ask somebody in the end.

I had my iMac fixed in the Apple Store Barcelona

The Apple Store was quite new, I think it had been only open a few months and as you know Apple stores are usually pretty busy. Seeing as this store was still a bit of a novelty, it is only the second Apple Store within Spain, so it was extra busy. I was fortunate in that although I didn’t have an appointment to see one of the Apple Genius guys, I was able to be seen and have the broken iMac looked at. The only trouble was that it took nearly a month to get fixed. I decided to get Apple Care on the latest iMac I have on the desk now, as I couldn’t go through that again. I couldn’t be that long without my computer now. Especially as I have given the MacBook, my back up machine to my son.

Apple Store Barcelona - La Maquinista

After a few weeks of waiting…

I am not a patient man and I was really starting to get miffed at the delay of getting the machine fixed. So as you can imagine I was delighted when the Apple Store Barcelona did finally get their finger out and fix my computer. I don’t much like the drive down to the Apple retail store at La Maquinista in Barcelona. My car is old and not really good for the motorway trips. I also find it a pain having to have the cash ready for the toll booths on the way there and back.

My next planned visit to the Apple Store Barcelona

I really don’t like it going into big cities if I can help it, and that includes Barcelona, even with it being quite a nice city to visit generally. So even with the allure of going to visit the Apple Store Barcelona, it may be some time before I make that journey again. My nearest city to where I live is Girona and unfortunately there is not a proper Apple Store in that city. There is a small, very small Apple reseller, which I have visited a number of times just to have a quick look in. The only problem is that if you were to be buying a large computer from that shop then parking is a bit of a problem. The Apple Store Girona is right in the old town of the city and it would be difficult to get a car in front of the shop.

Also in Girona there is a large superstore type of electronic store called Mediamarkt and this does have an area where Apple kit is sold. It is not a pleasant visit in there, as there is generally only one person looking after the Apple area. I did overhear one time, a customer that was looking for advice regards buying Apple equipment and the person giving advice was one of the general store employees, that was giving very bad information and steering the customer away from buying Apple. The store is very noisy and I am always very glad to get out of there. The only good thing about this large store is the fact that there is a very big car park in front and if the item that you wanted to buy was available in the store it would be a very simple matter to do some guerrilla shopping.

Put on the combats and go Guerilla

Guerrilla shopping is my preferred sort of shopping. Know what you want, go in a shop, hand over the cash and walk out with it, go home and play with it – Done and Dusted. At least with that sort of shopping it is possible to have the new iMac or the new iPad, there and then without having to wait. My other sort of preferred shopping of course is the online shopping, where I have the toys sent to me. The fun part of the online shopping is where you have a tracking number to be able to see the route that your purchase is taking, and exactly where it is at any given moment. But if I can’t wait then I might be tempted to visit the Apple Store Barcelona.