Retina Display on the iPad?

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iPad with a 7inch Retina Display

At this time of the year you have to ask yourself, if you don’t have an iPad already, do I wait and see if the new iPad that will surely come out some time soon – Do I wait until there is a Retina Display on the iPad in the next iPad update.

What else can we expect on the iPad, faster processor, camera so that we can do face time? There will be a new version of the operating system soon. iOS4 is already on the iPhone 4 and you have to ask why not on the iPad already, bringing iOS 4 features to the tablet.

What is you plan? For many the best thing is if you have a job to do, that needs an iPad now and you really can’t wait, then just go and buy one now. I mean today, go in the Apple store either online or or an actual store and hand over the cash and start working and playing with the new toy.

There are now many more applications that are coming out enhanced for the iPad so the device is becoming more and more useful. It is coming to the time when some people just can’t afford to wait for the next revision of the iPad.

I see that there is finally confirmation that Apple is holding a media event on September 1. There are all sorts of rumours flying around about what might be in the event. It is pretty sure that there will be a new iPod Touch and there really has to be a front facing camera. I wonder if the retina display will make the iPad really expensive if that is what Apple give to the device.

Tell me what you think about all of this with the iPad. Only six days away to getting a fix of information from Cupertino. Could the rumoured 7inch device make a showing? It could be pretty nice if it has the retina display technology, and it would be lighter also. I know many people would be happy about that. The possibility of a 1500 x 1920 display has many licking their lips in anticipation.

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Using the iPad to show Keynote presentations.

What are your experiences so far with showing presentations? Do you have to dumb down the presentation so that it will work. How successful is the experience of using the device to show your students or co workers your keynote. Have you had any problems in connecting up to the projector?