Review of Movie Awards Trivia App

Movie Awards Trivia Application

There is an application which you may be interested in if you are a movie buff. You can test yourself on your knowledge of the cinema going right back to the 1920’s. What this application does is to present itself as a game and it is basically a multiple choice quiz. There are categories available to choose from – The twenties to the fifties, sixties and seventies, the eighties until present day, or you could choose either actors or actresses to be tested on.

The developer has dropped the price for the Movie Awards Trivia HD app to 99 cents until the 26th of February, 2012 in view of the 84th Academy Awards as a special offer.

As an example, if you choose to be quizzed upon actors, an example question would be – Which three of these were nominated for best actor in 1965? Underneath the question I have four pictures, all in black-and-white which is surprising seeing as some of these must have been colour films. The nominees I can choose from are Laurence Olivier in Othello, Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Lee Marvin in Ship of Fools or Sidney Poitier in A Patch of Blue. I made a guess and chose three of them, the one that I left out was Sidney Poitier and what do you know? I was completely right. The application put on screen a U R Right and that does bug me a little bit, because they could of used the word correct rather than going for the teenagers idiom of using a letter to signify a word. Maybe the designer of the application was a teenager. After you have made your choice to answer the question you also get a icon to tap on, to allow you to see the image full-screen. You can’t actually do anything with it, you just get a larger version of the image that was the thumbnail image in the question.

Interactivity in the Movie Awards Trivia application

Movie trivia awards

When you hit the home button while you are on the question screens, you get the opportunity to put your name in for a high score. I would have thought that there would be some sort of online connection to be able to compare your scores with other people’s scores, maybe that will come in a later version. When you get back to the homepage you can choose to see a slideshow, there is a dial where you choose a decade or a specific year. You might for instance, choose 1970’s best actors. The slides show for a couple of seconds per image and you get just the image without any information to go with it. It could have been handy to see the name of the film or the name of the actor pictured in the movie. In the slideshow and I chose to look at, it didn’t take long for the set of images to get to the end and start over again, the images played rather quickly. There was no option to change the amount of time each image showed, you just get a big button to close, which takes you back to the photo gallery.

Points for the right answers

At bottom of that home screen all you get is the invitation to visit the website for Movie Trivia Apps and underneath that, you have a play button, a scores button, how to play information and the slideshow. On looking at the information about how to play the game, it tells me that there are 1000 questions divided into groups of 20 per session. The points that you get per question depends upon how fast you answer the question and there are no penalties for getting the wrong answer. This makes the game very good for just guessing.

Overview of Movie Awards Trivia

This application would suit the person that was a complete movie buff that had already studied all of the movie awards. It seems that it is about the Oscars, although there are other movie industry backslapping events where awards are given. The application doesn’t really inform and educate you about the movie business or filmmaking in general, just as the Oscars is to a large extent just an opportunity for the movie industry to sell more movie theatre seats. I like applications that are in some way useful and this seems to be more a trivial game to play, the hint is in the title name of the application. Unless your knowledge of the awards given to actors and movies is really extensive, then much of the time while playing this game you will be making an educated guesses or even just tapping and hoping for the best. At least you may be learning something along the way, even if it is only just the names of the actors that were nominated or were winners of an award for a specific year. The design of the application is nothing special and there is room for improvement in terms of social networking connections facilities and I would recommend that you try the free version of the application before spending the cash to buy the paid for version.