Setting up a database with Bento

Setting up a database with Bento and using the information stored in record that you have already in Address Book and getting access in the same place to iCal events and Apple Mail.

Using data that is stored in one place and one place only is a nirvana for databases. That way you can?t have different versions of the same data and lose your database integrity. That?s what I want to have this work so that I can collect the data in Address book and so long as I put in a keyword in the Note fired then the information will also propagate into Bento also.

Mac Software | Bento 3-1.pngSo I don?t have to have Bento open all the time but when I do open the application I will have all at my finger tips.

Why I think Bento is so useful is because it is easy to set up extra fields for information that you want to track and even though it isn?t a relational database like Filemaker is it so much better that keeping your data in a spreadsheet table.

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