Swiping for Typing

Writing On The iPhone By Swiping

Really love the swipe keyboard we have now since iOS 13. It’s so much faster typing this way than tapping on the keyboard. Not quite as fast as dictation on my Mac, but impressive all the same. I’ve pulled into a nearby town to test the public electric car charging facility. I’m enjoying the heated seat and cabin heating of my Nissan Leaf. I’m writing in comfort using the free electric while staying warm in a cool winters day. Doing a little people watching in between sentences. The locals happily going about their daily business.

I could break out the iPad to type on. I could reduce the keyboard down to the small size and swipe. It’s just been working out so well with the iPhone though. If I needed to send the text off to the website now or if I needed to work with graphics or video I’d use my iPad. One of the great things of owning a larger size iPhone I suppose.

Or Should I Use Voice Control

I was tempted to write with Voice Control dictation. It’s pretty good in terms of overall accuracy. By writing using swiping on the iPhone I was able to have music in the background. Seemed like a good plan to stick with the keyboard. Normally I work in silence but having Blue Öyster Cult playing has been an extra perk. Actually, it’s great to get out of the house instead of going stir crazy inside. All I need for a perfect working environment is proper tea making facilities. I do have a cup I can plug in to the 12 volt socket, but it takes a while to get the water boiling. Sipping tea would make dictation even more difficult and I could scald bits of me not meant to get so warm.


I used to use the Swype keyboard app, but now it’s gone in favour of the swipe enabled keyboard from Apple. I can hit the microphone key to dictate if I need to. Couldn’t do that with the Swype keyboard, I’d have to swap back to the standard one.

Like Those People Who Write In The Tea Shop

It’s quieter and more private to sit in the car than the coffee shop. Still people walking past me in the street perhaps, depends on the location of the charger. My favourite benefit is the warmth in my lower back region with the car seat heating. Also I’m not denying a seat to someone who needs to sit down with their beverage. It’s terrible looking for a seat with tea in one hand and cake in the other and everyone looking like they are there for the rest of the day. Some of them don’t even buy a second cup of tea or coffee. So I’m being a nice person by choosing to sit car to write using my iPhone. I’ve nearly hit 1000 words while here.
View from my car

Other Keyboards

I tried the G-Board keyboard recently. I heard it mentioned on a podcast. Someone liked using it for whatever weird reason. I spent five minutes it and that was enough. Deleted it right away. All I need is the Standard Apple keyboard and one for emojiis. I also have the keyboard from the App Copied. Never think of using it though. I just looked at it and the ‘Recently Copied’ selection of clipboard entries was not recent at all. I had better clean house and delete that too.​

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