Taking photos in Platja d'Aro

As you might expect with me having a new camera I am out taking quite a lot of photographs at the moment. Yesterday I went to the nearest coastal town to record some video, I did a timelapse video and also a straightforward video with the beach and the sea in the background. With the video I shot that was the time lapse it would have been handy if there had been more people around. The video that I ended up with wasn’t too bad though, as I had clouds moving across the shot as well as the cars and people moving around the traffic roundabout and street.

At the beach with the NEX 6 2

Controlling the NEX-6 by Wi-Fi connection

My new little camera, the Sony NEX-6 has Wi-Fi in it and I was able to set up my shots using the camera application for remote control. I can make changes to some of the settings for the photograph, such as the ISO, shutter or aperture settings and I can even use the zoom before I take the picture. It looks like I might be taking quite a few shots that you will see me holding my Google Nexus 7, because that is what I’m using to connect with Wi-Fi. I can also use my Galaxy S3, the iPhone and also the iPad.

In this photo you can see the town hall for Platja d’Aro with its water feature in front of it. Not long before I took this photo the water feature was functioning and spraying water around the place. As you can see from the photo it was a lovely sunny January day and just right for shooting video and taking photos.

Post processing using Intensify Pro

I did some postprocessing editing of this photo in Intensify Pro which I get access to as a plug-in from Aperture. There are lots of lovely presets that I can use to completely alter the way the photo looks, but with this picture I just gave it a little bit of extra punch. Within Intensify Pro it is possible to draw out all sorts of things from within the picture that you didn’t even know was there. This can be in the form of detail and texture and there are also presets which take you down the direction of something that looks like HDR photography.