TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

Learning to code with the application TapCoding

TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons – This application was recommended by the Canvas podcast. So far I’ve completed the first module and I am very impressed. I covered some ground I’d already covered by following an Xcode playground tutorial. It was useful as this went into a little extra detail. In the previous tutorial the variables were being declared by inference and the new tutorial showed that it was possible to make your variable declaration and specifically state its type. There is a gamification element to this learning code application as it encourages you to have a streak of learning. It will also remind you to open the application daily to complete the next section of the tutorial. After completing Basics 1 I can move on to Basics 2 if I have a two day streak. I’m old enough to remember that streaking is when you take off all of your clothes and run around naked in public. To do a two day streak you can do a section over two days. If you finish a single session in one day then you can go back the next day and redo some of it to complete your daily streak.

TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

The application gives you information in small bites. It then tests you on that information. The tests take the form of multiple choice questions. You are shown three things and asked which are correct or true. There are also tests for typing in the code where you just copy what is already there. The more interesting tests are where you choose elements of code to put into a line of code to complete the task. Obviously you have to choose the correct elements and put them in the right order. So far it’s all been pretty easy and I feel I’m learning some important lessons about programming. TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons is a great way to learn Swift. It’s much better and more interesting than following a book on how to code.

TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

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During the summertime I’m usually hot and bothered because of living in Spain with all the sunshine. The weather and the summertime work makes me tired and lazy. I’m using my iOS devices nearly as much and I’m using them more than I get to use my iMac. This makes sense as I am out of the house more during the summertime. Using the Editorial app daily while I’m at work. I have my iPhone remind me of tasks I need to do using the app called Due. I have notifications coming into me from an application for the Euro 2016 football. I can know the latest scores in games even if I’m working. The Omnifocus app is also reminding me to create web posts although I think it’s fairly safe to say that I’m ignoring a good few of those reminders. I am making reminders for myself using Siri and I think it’s fun to do this while the phone is in my pocket so I can’t see the screen. It’s amusing at a later stage to see how my voice and my words have been translated into text. Most times it works very well because I’m using a 4G connection which is very fast but sometimes the results are hilarious.

Apple Watch – Watch OS 3 coming soon

There are some big changes coming to the operating system for the watch and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m not brave enough to choose to use the beta, especially as I would have to also use the beta of iOS 10 on my iPhone as well. I’m really not that daft and mad in the head. Even so, I’m still getting a lot of use from the Apple watch notifications in the present OS. These are mostly for the get things done applications I’m using. The thing I’m mostly using the Apple watch for is to control the Now Playing audio from the iPhone. I love being able to quickly turn the audio off or reduce the volume. The digital crown on the watch is a great way to alter the volume from my iPhone.

I’m not using the health features of the phone quite as much as I was. I do like to see that the health rings are completed. I’m not so worried about the exercise ring as before. I am doing a little bit less exercise than I was, but I’m taking account of that by eating less. I’ll be getting more exercise quite soon as I have spent the money necessary to fix my electric bike. I had to buy a new controller and the cable going to the motor. Fingers crossed it will work when I put it back together again. If I can take time off from the TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons

Applications being used on the iPad Pro

Today I used iThoughts to create a mind map of all of the recipes I’m using in If This Then That (IFTTT). I had to do this because there was some duplication in the automation I was using to have pictures posted from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m having these photos and posts from the social networks going into my Day One journalling application and I don’t like to see duplicates. I also have the Jet Pack feature set up in WordPress to publicise posts to the social networks. This was another source of duplicates going into Day One. I am a visual sort of person and so seeing all of these connections in a visual way in a mind map helped me make sense of where everything is going. There was even automation in place I’d forgotten about, such as where I can post a photo to Flickr and to 500 PX just by moving the photo into a folder in Dropbox. It’s nice to now have everything working as it’s supposed. Now I got the basic sorted out I could probably add a few more automations is to my workflows. Maybe my TapCoding iPad Swift Lessons will help me setup the automations in my computer system.


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