Three non-mainstream iPhone apps that you may want to check out

There are loads of apps to find on the mobile market, overflowing with user favorites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but the App Store actually has more than just the obvious ones to explore. It lists hundreds of thousands of apps that are extremely useful for everyday tasks, albeit not as popular as the aforementioned. If you want to play with some new apps that deliver fantastic usability, here are three apps that you may want to check out.


Don’t you just hate it when you take videos and you forget to take it horizontally? Watching videos on vertical is just disappointing as it is 10x smaller than what it’s supposed to be. With Horizon, however, users will never have to worry about taking vertical videos by accident ever again. The app works with the iPhone’s internal gyroscope to instruct it to always take shots on vertical. It supports a variety of resolutions and aspect ratios, as well as 8 built-in filters. Horizon can be downloaded for free but shots will have watermark on them. To remove it, users will have to buy the premium version.

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RockMyRun is an app for those who want to listen to consistent, upbeat music that can help them stay motivated throughout their workout. The app runs mixes of a variety of genre, from Hiphop to EDM. One of the best things about RockMyRun is that the beats can be adjusted to fit into the pace of a user. It can run in the background so that people can use other apps such as Runkeeper while running. The free version of the app lets people add mixes of up to 45 minutes. The premium version removes this restriction as well as the ads that come along with the free app.


If you’re a frequent traveler, LoungeBuddy can be beneficial for you. It helps users locate airport lounges at over 400 airports around the world, complete with details on amenities and operating hours. There are also user reviews on the app to help alerts users which ones are good and ones that not worth paying for.

These apps may not be getting a lot of support compared to the popular ones but they’re still quite profitable. Take for example the first app, Horizon, which has over 500,000 downloads. If even ¼ of that downloads purchased the premium version, it means this simple app has garnered around $124,000. Gaming Realms, host to a variety of recreational gaming titles, says that the boost in mobile sales can be attributed to the advancements of Internet capabilities of smartgadgets. Almost everyone uses a smartphone, which explains why even the non-popular apps can garner a decent profit.

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