Trials and tribulations of being a Webmaster

Up until now I have had two web hosting providers. The long term one I have been using, has been GoDaddy and in the main they have provided a good service. You do have to get used to the screens of upsell, that you have to go through when you want to buy something as simple as a domain name. It is though, very easy to get a domain name from them and to get it added to your web hosting. I have found that I could easily have a new website up and running with a WordPress installation within an hour or two. I also have to say that it was very useful to have an unlimited account. I didn’t have any limits on the number of domains I could run, nor limits on the amount of bandwidth. The price for that service was pretty reasonable. The only thing that would bother me occasionally, would be the occasional slowness of the site to respond.

I have also been using a web hosting provider called NameCheap. The first site I put on here was Thunderbolt Reviews This hosting provider has been a little bit more fiddly to set up sometimes, but also has provided what I needed for getting the websites out onto the Internet. Last month I saw that NameCheap had a offer available to celebrate their five years of providing Internet web hosting. Honestly, it was just too good to miss. I bought two years of web hosting for about two thirds of what one year with GoDaddy would cost. I am very pleased that I don’t have to worry for two years with regards getting and paying for web hosting.

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Now for the trials and tribulations

It really is not terribly easy, if you want to move a WordPress installation from one place to another. To do so you do need to be able to legitimately call yourself a geek, a net head and a proper nerd. While I am to a large extent quite geeky, I have to admit that I have been struggling with making the moves with the WordPress installations. I have quite a few that I need to move. The more difficult ones to move are from GoDaddy to NameCheap, but also I need to move a few websites that are already on NameCheap.

I did find some instructions and they seemed to be quite good for moving these websites. I followed the instructions and at the end of it it didn’t quite work. Not sure if I missed a step, or if something was missing from the instructions, but it failed anyway. So what I am doing now is to get as many backup copies of all of the content from the sites, so that at the last resort I can just create a new WordPress installation and repopulate it.

The next thing that I’m going to try is to use the export feature from WordPress. I will export from the old WordPress installation, set up a new WordPress installation and use the import feature. I will still have a certain amount of fiddling and twiddling to do after that. At least though I will have the important job covered of having all my content readily available.

Using the Mac for creating my backups

I do have most of the text of the websites contained within Scrivener. What I am doing now is to make sure that absolutely everything is within Scrivener. Not only that but I have also set up a Bento database that has the text within it and also has other information such as the SEO details. I use the WordPress plug-in called SEO All in One and I need to make sure that I don’t lose that data.

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In the Amazing iPad website I have 211 posts, 141 posts in the Mac 20 questions website and another 42 in So you can see that I have my work cut out for me to get this all sorted out. At least when I’m finished I will have all of my domains and hosting in one place. I will be able to get back to the business of creating content for the Wizardgold YouTube channel and lots of articles for all of the websites.

Back in the saddle after the summer work

I had two and a half months of working in a campsite, which is nothing less than tedious but does at least give me some money to buy stuff. Here at the Wizardgold headquarters we were in need of a new Wi-Fi router that would give us the faster connectivity that you need for iPad and MacBook Pro computers. Not only that, but at the same time I bought the Apple TV and the Wi-Fi 802.n would be very useful for that too. I will be telling you in an article about how I got on using the Apple TV, that for now I will just tell you that I like it. I bought the Apple AirPort Express for the dual band Wi-Fi and straightaway I did notice things seemed faster with my iPad. I have left the slower speed Wi-Fi connected to the network so that if we have guests may want to connect they will be up to use that. This is a very good idea, because if you have just one G device on the fast network it slows it down for everybody else.