Using a Behringer B2 Microphone – Podcaster Microphone

When you become serious about your podcasting and it’s quite likely that you want to get a really good quality microphone such as the Behringer B-2 Pro, instead of using a cheap microphone. The Behringer B2 Pro is a dual diaphragm high-performance condenser microphone for the studio. If you are a singer or other type of vocalist you’ll find it very good, and you will also find it to be excellent microphone if you want to do some podcasting.

The microphone is very sensitive so you need to have a space where there is no noise, to record your podcasts with the Behringer microphone. This podcaster microphone is a XLR type of microphone which means that you need a XLR connector cable for it to be connected to a mixer. Then you connect from the mixer to your computer. There are Behringer mixers available and you can get them with a number of different audio inputs.

Check out the different type of connections for the mixer, you can get some good ones that work with a FireWire connection or a USB connection. In time there may be mixers that will connect via Thunderbolt. If you are connecting with a lead in to the line in then you’ll probably not be able to separate the audio into separate tracks in a multitrack audio editing software. Firewire or USB is better for that.

There is a technique for using a microphone like this. Don’t speak directly into it even if you are using the pop filter. The best thing to do is to have your mouth close to the microphone, but not directly speaking into the microphone. This way you will avoid the pop sounds that will make the recording sound bad. When you use a microphone properly you will get a good vibrant sound when you’re speaking in your podcast.

The audio editing software that I like to use for making a podcast on my Mac is Amadeus pro. You could also use a microphone like this with Garageband, which is not only for creating podcasts but maybe you are a singer and you would like to create some music tracks. It could would out OK connecting the iPad to the mixer with a cable into the audio in socket, in the same way as the iRig microphone connects.

The Behringer B-2 PRO Dual-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
is better for studio work. If you are out and about and at someplace where it is noisy, you may find it better to use a dynamic microphone such as the Shure SM58. There are other microphones available that can connect easier, through the USB port and the microphone manufacturer called Blue have some good podcaster microphones such as the Yeti or the Snowball. Good Luck choosing a microphone for podcasting.