Using Styles in iBooks Author

iBooks Author has to be the best authoring application for eBooks. It is a new realm of desktop publishing. Although it is mainly suited to text books you can make all sorts of books, from photo books, children’s books and novels. In this video I show how you can get text in to iBooks Author. You can type or dictate directly into the app or you can work in Markdown or do your stuff in Pages and bring it in. Any of the settings for styles you have set in Pages will come though into iBooks Author.

Using Styles in iBooks Author

It is easy to set up a hot key for the styles so you can apply them to text easily. It makes a lot of sense to use styles as much as possible so that you keep the proper unified look all through the book. Also you should know that by using the styles to set up the text as section headings and chapters so that the table of contents will build itself. Same goes for books that require a glossary. You should take the time to see



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