Where do you use the iPad most?

Lying on the sofa with the iPad

For me the best place to use the iPad is on the sofa. I can sit there with my wife who will be either watching the TV or using her MacBook Pro. It is good to be sitting together, maybe not saying that much but the proximity feels good. The quite often we are not on the same sofa but she will stretch out on one and I will stretch out on the other. When that happens I will have the iPad on my chest and be using it. If I am watching a TV programme and enjoying the relaxing and it is on a TV station with advertising every now and then, I will pick up the iPad in the breaks.
What about you where do you use the iPad most?

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In the Smallest Library

Another place I might use the iPad is sitting in the smallest room. In the same way that people take in a newspaper, book or magazine I take in the iPad. The only trouble is that you can end up staying in there longer than necessary and be totally distracted by the reading material or maybe a game. That’s not so bad in of itself but when you try and stand up and your legs have gone numb, you realise that setting a time limit might be a good idea.

I am  living near the beach but not tried to use down at the beach yet. With the reflections on the shiny surface of the iPad I doubt if that will be any good though. I do tend to hide under a sun umbrella so maybe I could get away with it. When I went to Menorca earlier this year I used on a beach but the weather was really bad and there was not much sun anyway. I was able to use Nebulous and SimpleNote to do some writing and use Safari to edit things in the blogs that I write for.

Language Difficulties

Use of the iPad is handy when we are visiting the outlaws, when they are all talking away rapidly in Spanish. I can understand Spanish when I am having a direct conversation with someone but trying to listen to a number of people talking and interject with additions to the conversation just beats me. Good to have the iPad with me so I can retreat into doing something useful. They understand my predicament and are pretty easy going anyway, they know that I am not just being rude. Have a few words of chat before the iPad comes out.


I do have the studio set up with a green screen and that is a place for the iPad also. I set up the iPad to be a tele prompt device and I can talk direct to the camera. I still have to make my teleprompt with the mirror glass for it to be just perfect. But what I have set up so far is pretty useful.