Welcome to 2015 and what a year it is going to be!

I’ve always liked the start of something new and I even look forward to change. This goes right back to when I was a youngster and I always loved getting a new diary and writing about things in a fresh, clean unused little book with page numbers that were dates. I was even fairly consistent about it and kept going with the writing through a fair few months before it tailed off. The diaries that I used to writing were fairly small and so I used to have to have codes for writing in some of the things that happened. The only trouble is is that I wouldn’t always remember what those codes were at a later stage. I am pretty sure that if I was to look back at any of those old diaries that I would find them totally uninteresting and boring. For example, I used to like to keep notes of the maintenance of my motorbike and how much fuel it was using. Thank goodness I wasn’t a stamp collector or it could have been even more boring than that.


Family events for the year

In May there is a nephew who is getting married and it is going to be a fairly big event. I hear that the wedding is going to take place in a hotel, the ceremony as well as the festivities. I am very pleased to hear this as I don’t like having to go into churches and listen to the rubbish that the priests and vicars spout. I don’t care if I’m compared to the grumpy cat for thinking this. I really do think that religion needs to have an antidote due to way that it wants to insert itself into politics, education and anywhere else that it really shouldn’t be sticking its nose.

At the end of August my grandson will be having his first birthday party. Unfortunately I will be working so I’m not going to be able to go to it. I will have to insist that any more grandchildren get born during the wintertime when I have my vacation time. At least I will get to see Grandson Oliver next week and also at the aforementioned wedding in May.

Its book publishing time

It seems to be taking quite some time to get my first book published. It seems to be on the cusp of making his way out into the world for a very long time. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to rush these things. I have read through the book numerous times already and each time I find more mistakes that have to be corrected. I am fairly sure that even after I have it published to the Kindle bookstore I will find some more things that will need to be rewritten. I am at the moment working on the videos that are there to support the writing. I have another eight or nine of these videos to make so it is going to be at least another week and probably two more weeks before the book hits the store.

I have the photography book which is close to being published also. I am planning to interview somebody about street photography and include that in the book. On account of the fact that much of the book content has already been published as blog posts I’m tempted to put that book out as the free book to draw in people to my Good and Geeky series of books. I already have a few thousand words written for another book and it wouldn’t take too long to have ready for publishing. Due to the fact that I get a lot of interest in my email privacy tutorials and how to use GPG, I think I will have to make that into a book for the series. My plan is to have at least five books of the Good and Geeky series available for sale by the time I have to go back to work at the campsite.

Writing novels is a different kettle of fish

Every time I start thinking about my Radical Karma book idea my head goes completely blank. Even though I have written a couple of scenes and had loads of ideas of what could be included in the story I can’t seem to firm up in my mind how I’d like to finish the story. One of these days soon I am going to have get serious and put something down in words, in a mind map or even a piece of paper and then to start making an outline. I think there is a good chance after creating the first one that I might find it much easier to get the job done.