What is it about the iPad that makes us love it so much?

Why do we love our iPads?

So what is it about your iPad that you love the most and what are some of the features that you would like to see in the future? This is a discussion from my LinkedIn group and it is quite a good useful group to belong to, you’ll find out more about your iPad as well as being part of a community of iPad users. As you would expect from a question like this which is pretty open, there are quite a lot of difference reasons that iPad users love their iPad. You will see from the comments of others what does the iPad do.

This is what a few people had to say about their iPads

  • Oscar says that he loves the fact that his iPad is always on and online. He likes that it is possible to download an app wirelessly as well as the fact that the iPad is super portable that allows him to take anywhere.
  • Bill has more of a metaphysical view of why he loves his iPad. He says that when an iPad app is launched a transitive process occurs, taking him on a journey, far away from the device and deep into an experience that is focused like a laser on the subject intended by the designer of the application. According to Bill this process is a magical process unlike any other tablet and using the device falls away from your consciousness, so that in its place emerges and experience. Wow Bill that is deep!
  • Don says that short of serious worker type of things, he gravitates to the iPad to do everything. It is for the management of daily life such as calendars, e-mail, tasks, social media, access to the news and the ability to be able to retrieve every document, whether that document is on the iPad or out there on the cloud.
  • David says that there are so many reasons that he loves his iPad, that to name a few of them would not be enough, and not fair to the other reasons that he might leave out. He says he would like it to Bill to walk the dog for him, and doesn’t believe that will not be possible in the future. Well I am quite happy to walk my dog, but I would like it if the iPad could make tea for me.
  • Acácio simply says that the iPad is something that he has been dreaming about it since he was five years old. Obviously it was a good dream and they must be delighted that his dream has come true.
  • There is another David that has commented in this LinkedIn discussion that agrees a move that the iPhone size is just too small. His eyes must be in need of spectacles, as are mine. Like me he thinks that the iPad is just the right size, not too big and not too small, and even Goldilocks would be happy with it.

What would you like to say about how much you love your iPad

What are your thoughts about the iPad and why it is that you love it. Post a comment here or join us in the LinkedIn group – iPhone iPad Group.