Which are the best Cool iPad Cases for your iPad?

We all want Cool iPad Cases for our iPad

With the proliferation of cases for the iPad and iPad 2, it can be awfully difficult to choose a cool iPad case, from all of the designer iPad cases out there. Quite a lot of the choice is down to personal preference, and how you use your iPad. Some cases will have a higher priority for the protection of the iPad, and some will have more of a priority in looking cool. So do you go for a skin type case, a soft case like the Apple iPad case, a hard case or do you go for the specialist iPad case, that perhaps turns the iPad into something like a laptop or notebook.
The Amazing iPad

There are so many designs available for the iPad cases, for example, if you are into Star Wars, you could have a Darth Vader style case, and then again maybe you just like flowers, and prefer to go for pretty. Whichever style case you go for, it is likely that you are making a statement about yourself at the same time as you are choosing a protective cover for your iPad.

Cool iPad Cases from ZaggMate

I particularly like the cases for the iPad from ZaggMate, they do have one which is a hard case, with a keyboard included. The keyboard that is included has special keys that are iPad specific and gives the iPad extra capabilities. Certainly there are cool iPad cases with a Bluetooth keyboard, many iPad users are able to type much more quickly, than by using the iPad on-screen keyboard. Mind you I have found that using the on-screen keyboard, can be quite quick when you consider that there is the predictive text available on the iPad.

CrazyOnDigital Clear Wave Crystal CandyA Silicone skin  – Cool iPad Cases

The good thing about the silicon gel skin cover cases is that they are cheap to buy, they do a good job of protecting the case from scratches. Cool iPad cases made from silicone can give the iPad just enough bounce ability, if you happen to drop it. The silicon case doesn’t look quite as good as may be a leather carrying case, that is perhaps like a folio. Also if you’re using a silicon gel skin cover, you don’t get a built-in stand.

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