Which Are the Best Free apps for iPhone

Best free apps for iPhone

There is a shocking abundance of free apps to use with the iPhone and it is possible to go into the iTunes Store and grab a bundle of applications to play with and try out. Like always, when talking about the best free apps for iPhone, we have to take into consideration what is that you wish to do with your iPhone. It would be quite easy to create a complete post or article talking about free applications for photography, for example. And in the same way you could talk about which are the best free iPhone apps for Twitter. In this first of a series of best free apps, let’s have a look at general iPhone applications that although the free, are incredibly useful.

Where to get the best free apps for iPhone or iPad

The first port of call in a search for the best free apps for iPhone, is to go and have a look in the iTunes Store. You will see in there that there is a list of free iPhone apps and you can start by downloading a few of them. The first app that you have to put onto your iPhone is going to have to be Dropbox. The Dropbox application is going to be invaluable for moving files to the iPhone or copying files to the iPhone.

Best free apps for iPhone

Being sociable with the iPhone

Seeing as we are all social animals these days on the Internet, then among the best free apps for iPhone has to be Facebook Messenger and also the official Twitter application. The official Twitter app is basic, or you might say simple in terms of facilities for tweeting and so on, but sometimes simple is best and you can send tweets no problem. You can see what’s happening in the Twitter world in your Twitter stream and be able to do the direct messages and replies that you need to do. Often for the basic Twitter user, that is all you need.

Free Facebook Apps

With regards Facebook there are two applications, one is called Facebook and the other is Facebook Messenger. Both of these are new official applications for Facebook and will give you a better experience for dealing with Facebook, than by trying to deal with it in a browser window. Facebook Messenger gives you a faster way to be able to send messages when you are mobile. So you would use this Facebook Messenger application when you’re more interested in sending messages instantly to other friends that are also using Facebook messenger, rather than seeing what is written on your wall. It could be one way to save money by not using up your SMS allowance that is part of your phone plan. You can get free push notifications when there are incoming messages and you can add a location and photos to the messages that you send out. If there are a bunch of you that are having a conversation, then you can use Facebook Messenger to do your plans for whatever it is that you are going to do, while you are out and about.

Talking Tom and Ben

Now for a silly and fun application – Talking Tom and Ben News

For some time now I have been a great fan of talking Tom, not so much of Ben. As the tomcat will tell you, Ben the dog tends to suffer from rather too much flatulence. In this application the tomcat and the dog had become famous TV newsreaders. When you talk to them they will repeat back what you have just said, taking it in turns to speak. You can easily make some extremely funny conversations between the two talking animals and record those conversations. Whenever I am using the Talking Tom application, I am often in stitches splitting my sides laughing. You can do other things to the animals to create amusement, such as poking them, so that they fall off their chairs. If you swipe either of them, then their chair will swivel around. You can have them annoy each other during their conversation, just for fun. I highly recommend that you get this application, record some of their conversations and share those videos to YouTube or Facebook. I’m sure your friends will thank you for your funny videos.

QR Code

QR Reader for iPhone

Just in case you don’t know what a QR code is – it is one of those square barcodes that you see in some places these days. I saw one stuck onto a lamppost today and I have recently seen QR codes used within a museum setting. When you point your iPhone camera at one of these QR codes and scan it, you will get either a message or more commonly you will get a URL to a webpage. This is particularly useful if you have a particularly long web address. In fact if you use bit.ly.com, then you get a new QR code when you create a short URL. With QR reader for iPhone you can create your own QR codes. What you could do is to have your QR code printed onto your T-shirt or onto a business card. It may seem to be a little bit of a gimmick but what it does do, is to encourage people that you meet to go and have a look at your website. It does save time having to remember exactly what the URL is. That is useful whether you are looking at is a long URL that you have to get perfectly right or a short URL, which can be difficult to remember even though it is shorter. There are other QR reader applications and a popular one is called Red Laser. Some of the code reader applications will read other types of barcodes for you also.

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