Wizardgold News Podcast June 12th

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Busy time here but I managed to record a podcast. I would have done it with video for the Wizardgold News but went with audio because I started to record after the light was gone and I don’t like the image you get when working with lights rather than natural light. Although if I was to use my video camera rather than the iSight camera I could have made some adjustments I suppose. Then again there are video adjustments possible in iMovie also.

Any way the upshot is that I did it in audio only. I recorded and turned it into a podcast in Amadeus again. The second podcast all done in Amadeus and I like it. Slight different way of working that’s all.

I talk about using a service called Knowem to be able to quickly see where I have my user name out there. It checks about 120 sites and I can then click on to sign up at the various sites. Basically it is to profect my user name and identity so that no one else can register Wizardgold and use it nefariously. I see there will be a Facebook name thing happening this weekend also. Will you be getting your name registered. Will there be people doing bad things to try a bit of Facebook cyber squatting, I wonder.

In the podcast I give a bit of news about the 20 Questions sites. If you would like to be featured in a podcast talking about whatever you fancy or more specific with the Photo20Q, Video20Q, Writers20Q, then contact me using the form below. Lets talk !!

With the new 2.8 WordPress, last night I updated most of my sites. Only with one of them do I have a problem.  The text is not showing up in the posts on the site yet are still there in the database. I have exported out the posts also to keep them safe while I do what I have to to sort the problem out. Weird that it only messed up on one of my sites.

As I say in the podcast there will be no Round table meeting this evening. Mostly because of the fact I am working until 10pm and the rest is due to it seeming that it has all been done in the other podcasts. I listened to IMP, Mac OSKen and MacBreak Weekly and Vexed Tech podcasts and there is not much more to say. So I will stick to the Mac 20 Questions style of podcast which is about real users using the computer for real.


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