Working in a camp site at night

This is the first time that I have worked a night job for a long time. It is very hard to do the changeover from day working to working at night. I've been trying to get some sleep during the day before my night job, but it proved to be very difficult. The job that I have just started this evening is also with a very long shift of 12 hours which makes it even tougher. It would be nice to be able to get more teaching jobs and I would get paid better. I suppose that's the work is very easy with this job even if the pay is not very good.

One thing that will be quite handy is that I should be able to do some writing while I'm here at work. I am finding it quite good to use the dictation that comes with the iPad. It is not as good as using DragonDictate, but it is getting the job done. If things go well with this I should be able to write a number of chapters of the book that I have planned. In fact I have a couple of books that are in my head and that I need to get working on. One of the books is a novel and the other book is a how to type of book, but with a certain amount of narrative.

I found that after doing that month longer writing on 50,000 words for a novel that it is really necessary to have a proper plan in place before attempting to write a full book. It really is a very good idea to have a beginning middle and end more or less worked out. In a novel I would like to work into the story an atheist character. I will also need to have a religious counterpoint character that is completely messed up due to having been brainwashed. This person will be totally messed up by having his brain messed with while young, in some ways it is kind of like child abuse. My religious character in the book will have been infected by the religion virus by his parents.