1 Million iPads have been sold

Apple went the past the target of 1 million units sold of the iPad after less than one month on the market and only selling in one country. Just think how many they might have sold if they could have put out internationally too. The million sales milestone was reached quicker than with the iPhone which took nearly three months to do the same. Apple managed to get out 300k of them on day one.

So what will the statistics going to look like next month when Apple decide to let the rest of the world in on the secret. It could even bump up the Apple stock market price too. It won’t be too long before the iPad out sells the iPhone perhaps which has about a 44 million unit head start. We can expect to see more information about the sales figures when Apple have its Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled to take place in San Francisco in early June, when Apple is also widely expected to introduce its next generation iPhone and an update to its operating system. Well we know there will be more information about the OS 4 but know one really knows about the iPhone update, despite the rumours.